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Frequently asked questions

There’s as many answers as users. However, i-task kanban boards are best suited as a tool to assist with all kinds of projects that require planning and work progress visualization, carried out in agile methodologies (eg. Kanban, SCRUM). Task management with i-task is a pleasant :)
You can use i-task for free, without any commitments. However, if limitations of a free plan are too strict for you, you can always choose one of our paid plan. Go to Pricing section for more details.
Kanban is a method of task queuing and managing. The basis of Kanban is to present process (eg. production process) using board divides into columns where tasks can be placed. That’s what i-task is useful for.
Firstly, create your account. I-task was prepared to guide you when using it. However, if you still have some questions and doubts concerning some options, read our blog. As the beginning we recommend article about project configurations and everyday work with boards and tasks.
Don’t panic. Just explain your problem using our contact form and we will restore your data.
We did. It’s our own work. Our team not only program but also record commercials. Check it out at FlareStudio.pl

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