i-task.pl kończy działalność 2019-05-14. Aby zachować swoje zadania, skorzystaj z opcji "Export do XML" dostępnej w ustawieniach projektów.

i-task features


Broadcast work progress in real rime: let know and be informed.


Your tasks as cards placed on a virtual board. Arrange them in columns to fit your process needs.


Measure and analyze your team's progress. Together with i-task, draw conclusions and optymize your workflow.

Quick access to most important changes in your projects

Projects dashboard with last changes

Tasks as cards with context menu

Task on a kanban board

Changes tracking and timing measurements

Task history tracking view
Task time tracking

Intuitive projects, boards and permissions configuration

Projects and kanban boards configuration

Detailed reports and project statistics

Reports and statistics of progress with tasks on kanban boards helps in project management

and much more...

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